I am on the Oprah band-wagon! After a week or so of ‘Oprah this Oprah that’, I have found myself drawn into the Oprah hype and here I sit. Every night I find myself hungry for the next Oprah-hit. But it’s not Oprah I’m excited about.

With hand on heart and eyes reflecting a waving Australian flag, I find myself in awe of Australia and grateful that it is finally on the Oprah map. Which, of course, means it is on the world map. You’re not just a randomly shaped continent anymore ‘stralia-ee, oh no. Now you have a voice. And it’s LOOUUUUUDDDDD!

Love her or hate her, Oprah is good for Australia. And having her here kinda brings the ‘star’ down to earth don’t you think? She looks kinda overdone in the light of our Aussie sun. The make-up and the taffeta clothes. It’s too much for a climate and culture such as ours. I hope next time she’ll pack a sarong, thongs and a singlet. Then, she’ll really have an Australian experience.

Seeing our grand country through the Oprah lense makes me appreciate this vast island. I have only experienced this level of patriotism when I travelled. You know the feeling when you come across a fellow Australian, you give them your broadest “G’day!” (do we REALLY say that?) and share your Aussie perspective on wherever you are. ie “how bad is the coffee around here?”

Because the good coffee is in Australia (and then there’s Italy.) There’s the good food, the great weather, beaches without flaws, animals galore and sport, culture and ancient history.  It’s all here people and we should be damn proud of it. And it shouldn’t take a television super star’s visit for us to realise how very lucky we all are to live here.

Sure it’s a nightmarish flight away from the ‘mainland’ and the rest of the west but that’s what makes it special. It is remote and wild and cultured and relaxed and darn beautiful. Every time I go to the beach, I come home with bruises. There’s so much pinching going on! How did I get to live here? The water is clean, warmish (tbc) and the weather is generally perfecto!!!

So you thought this would be a gush about Oprah, didn’t you? You cheeky little blog readers! But no, this little Aussie battler has given you a taste of my Australian pride. As Oprah boards her private jet, will my  hand on heart go a bit limp? Will I forget?

I may need to keep my Oprah-glasses a little longer to appreciate the paradise I find myself living in. But this shouldn’t be too hard. It’s Christmas, it’s summer, and we have the BEST beaches in the world.