image by steve burke

Confectionary companies, toy makers, soft drink manufacturers, wrapping paper entrepreneurs, sticky tape designers, electronic wizards, card producers – are they all involved in the biggest marketing conspiracy of our time? Is Christmas really a crock? Why do we spend SO much money on things: food, clothing, gadgets galore, toys toys toys, junk food and birds and pigs for Chrissy dinner? Where did it all come from and is it just a hollow-day?

No of course not. I love to hear the theories and opinions of those humbugs who come out at such times as these (including Valentines day, Easter, Mother’s & Father’s day etc). It is the sour crowd that poo-poos such a joyous occasion and dares to darken it with ideas of conspiracy. Sure, the manufacturers of such things celebrate with such frivolous festivities but so do we! We love to buy and receive presents. Let’s be honest. It’s not the companies we worship, we love things! It’s more than that, though. It is good for our soul to be reminded that we are thought of by others.

Perhaps the ‘humbugs’ have a generosity problem. Afterall the real meaning of Christmas is about Christ and his sacrificial gift to the world. This time of year, therefore, must be a celebration, a joyous occasion to show how you really feel about your loved ones and hopefully beyond them. It is not a time for counting the cost but enjoying the opportunity to give. Whether you buy a goat from Afghanistan for a double generosity hit or the latest computer game, it should be a time where it is a pleasure to give.

image by Vintage Holiday Crafts

And that goes for the other celebrations during the year! Valentines day, the so-called ‘Hallmark’ day, is a great opportunity to be romantic. Even just for one day a year. Don’t buy a Hallmark card, make your own and stick it to the company at the same time as making your loved one feel special. Ta-da! Then there’s mothers and fathers day that is a marketers dream (especially for lingerie and hardware stores). But remember the incredible work parents put into raising their kids, especially when they are little. Don’t they deserve ONE day off, a little bit of pancake pampering? Once again, make a present or card if you can’t abide the gift shops or the like .

Humbuggers (as I like to call them), stop reducing the joy of Christmas to a mud puddle of ho and hum, black conspiracy theories and a spirit of tightfistedness! No, resist the urge to grump and grumble but go to the shops (or do it online instead), with a grin, a light heart and a sense of humour. It is a crazy season. But it’s fun! So stop your grumbling and enjoy it!!!