It may be a controversial call, but I think we are obsessed with ourselves. Just look at facebook for an example. There are so many quizzes and the like helping us to find out who we really are? Quizzes such as: ‘Which Friends character are you?’ to ‘What Disney Princess are you’, to ‘What colour/ flavour / pattern / underpant type etc are you?’

facebook is all about you! It’s your profile pic, your news, your obsessions, whether YOU like something or not. It is as if we are desperate for people to know who we are, what we like and what the heck we are up to today. And many times, I must admit, my status update bores me to tears. I just cannot think of something exciting, interesting or funny to write. So I put something like, “Today I went shopping, came home, had some lunch and now here I am”. I’m sure my Facebook friends would have survived without knowing that insightful information about my ho-hum life.

I may sound like an anti-facebook nut, but in fact I love the darn thing. It brings out my inner stalker. I love knowing what people are up to without having to be intimately involved in the drama of life. Does that sound cold, callous or uncaring? I think that’s what we all like about facebook. You can catch up with hundreds of people without the ‘coffee’ or the hour long ‘chat’. Sadly, we just don’t have time for it, especially a hundred times over.

The flip side of this is that when you catch up with close friends who are also Facebook friends, you no longer have anything to

image by Don Amaro

say. And it makes you feel a little stupid saying the same old news that they already know because they have read your mundane status which makes your current news even more ho-hum. So we just stare at each other, going through the filing cabinet in our head, desperately trying to find something BRAND new to say. Perhaps we should dig up the past, reminisce a little? And then when all else fails, there’s always the weather; hot, cold, rainy, seasonal or unseasonal, the good old weather is bound to change faster than our status updates.



All marketing / advertising is about us! And facebook is no different. It’s just advertising with a new face! The best thing about facebook is that it is fun and efficient and it does link people with people. At the end of the day, relationships are the most important thing. And if we have to log on to maintain these then so be it. Perhaps facebook is partly about us and our egos and the rest about building relationships; even distant ones.