1. House party – find a friend with a ridiculously large television, have a bbq, a few drinks, reminisce about the year, pump up the music and watch the fireworks. For added effect grab some sparklers for that genuine fireworks smell.
  2. Go to the city. Dare you, must you, will you join 1.5 million Sydney-siders on the shore of our great harbour? You should be there now…. go! Run, bus, car, bike, scoot or you may miss out on seeing anything at all!?!
  3. Grab the family and head to the nearest waterway with 9pm fireworks. Bump shoulders with your beloved locals and drag your bleary-eyed kids back post-fireworks. (Do they still have them at 9pm?)
  4. See a movie. I know it’s a bit of a New Years Eve grinch thing to do but when would be better to watch a film – you may have it all to yourself!!! Imagine talking out loud to yourself, changing seats on a whim and chewing with mouth open, slurping your coke. Laugh as loud and obnoxiously as you wish, no one will be there.
  5. Sleep. Another grinch thing to do but for all the exhausted types out there (and I know there’s a whole heap), sleeping is not a bad option. You may need earplugs or your own sweet, soulful music to do it but feel free, guilt free to sleep on New Year’s Eve if you wish.
  6. Candles, wine, bonfire (are they still legal?) on the beach. Feel the cool summer breeze in your hair as the candles flicker gently. Deep conversations will follow as you remember all the past NYEs, what you have learnt during the year, what you wish for the future etc.
  7. Camping. Join the hundreds pitching a tent this time of year. Grab a guitar, cook some freshly caught fish and read a story out loud. Perhaps a scary story with torch held under chin, eyes wide. See in the New Year with a bunch of strangers just don’t forget to bring a watch so you don’t miss the count down.
  8. In a plane. Get out of town, go on a holiday. Surely (like the movies) this would be the best time to fly or would it? Hmmmm. One hopes the air traffic controllers aren’t too jolly on New Year’s Eve.
  9. Go for a drive (but not through the city). Take the night slowly, drive to the mountains or up the coast. Have a spontaneous night but do not forget snacks. What is a road trip without food? Find a random place to stay in a small deserted town with ‘interesting’ locals and a checkered history.
  10. If you have kids and they have had enough of late nights and grumpy days, stay home, have a date with your beloved. Think wine, candlelight, takeaway food, deep conversation and perhaps a favourite movie/s to see in the New Year.

Whatever you’re up to this NYE, make sure you do what you want without any guilt. Stay home, go out, enjoy! Happy New Year (to be) to all my readers! Thanks for a great year.