I’ve discovered the art of sorbeting. Summer in Australia demands something healthy, simple and COLD to get you through those stinky hot days without packing on the kgs!

Sorbet is a simple thing to make. And it gets me thinking about the meaning of life. Like sorbet, the best things in life often take a long time. They are not overly complicated or stressful, just need a little love and care and planning, with a spot of the spontaneous. You can have a recipe all planned out, ingredients at the ready and then a voice inside you says, “too much lemon juice!” So you deviate a little from the original plan for (hopefully) the benefit of the final product.

The key to a great sorbet is time. You must have a great deal of patience. And if you do, your resulting dessert will be better. You cannot mix in the egg whites before the initial mixture is frozen well, otherwise the whole thing will fall apart. Ah, tis a life lesson delivered in a waffle cone. The world is an impatient place with the subtext of “I want it NOW NOW NOW!”. You just cannot do that with sorbet (and other things). What we need is a lesson in delayed gratification and turn our modern noses up at that cheeky, demanding voice that clammers in our ears. We don’t need to have things NOW! Besides which, not everything in life CAN be had now.

My son has been earning pocket money making his bed and emptying the dishwasher. When he gets to around the $5 mark, he begs to be taken to the shops to spend it and every time the same thing happens. Tears! Tears because his $5 won’t buy him the $200 Star Wars Lego, tears because his $5 won’t buy him the $16 Star Wars Lego, tears because there is nothing of substance that he can buy for $5. Life lesson time: I say that things cost more than he thinks and perhaps it would be good to save more money so he can buy what he really wants = delayed gratification. Ta da! It’s so sad to see him in Kmart crying but it really is an important lesson.

The best things in life take time. They take passion and determination. Even saving for beloved Lego or waiting, salivating next to the freezer. The time has come, nay the year has come to embrace the simplicity of yesteryear. When we didn’t have the groovy gadgets that come with instant gratification. Because in the end, that instant is over, well, in an instant and then… it is over!

Check out this Lemon Sorbet recipe (warning! it is VERY lemony)

image by Andre Karwath