Drink water, cleanse your face, apply sunscreen, wear a hat, floss your teeth, brush twice a day, moisturise your whole body, get your hair cut every 6 weeks, grow strong nails, paint nails, pluck your eyebrows, buy great clothes, wear great clothes with appropriate other great clothes, get matching shoes that don’t make you look like a 60 year old, make up – not too much, right colour, no smudges, and finish with a flourish.

To do. There’s too much to do and that’s just yourself. Then there’s the house – keep it clean, dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed, bleached, tidy, decorated, re-decorated, paint colour, no paint neutrals, extend, then clean more, oh and cook and clean again, tidy, de-spider, de-mosquito, then it all starts again.

Then there’s the kids – wash, feed, counsel, consult, organise, ferry, listen to, discipline, referee, entertain, play with, find stuff for and cook for and clean again! Phew!

But if we’ve nothing to do then we brand ourselves lazy and unadventurous and just plain boring. It seems there needs to be a smallish amount of stress to make our lives interesting – to us and to others. Why is it so? Sport, too, is filled with stress and hardship and busyness, winning and losing and how much do we love sport? My son recently said that he loves stories with ‘enemies’ in them = drama! Well, it’s his lucky day cos every story NEEDS that tension, that little bit of stress to make it interesting!

I have a love/hate relationship with busyness. I really resent having to do the pick up/drop off somedays. But then when it’s holidays and there’s little to do, well, I’ve had to create a little bit of busyness to keep life interesting. And these holidays it comes in the form of painting my hallway. And I’m actually enjoying it, even the messy sugarsoaping. Gap filling is one of my favourite things, making gaps smooth, neat and tidy. So satisfying. Then there’s the painting itself. I love the moment when the first bit of new colour (or neutral) is applied to the wall and you step back, roller in hand, smile and let out a satisfactory sigh. ‘Tis worth the time and mess and dreaded turps afterall.

The do-s all come down to being content in life. Content whether you are busy or there’s a lull. With some time to think you may think of something wonderful to be busy with rather than just filling it with junk to make it feel full for a moment. For this year, I will concentrate on being content regardless of what’s happening around me. I will smell that rose, I will look up and smile at the birds.

image by tony wills