Sometimes I feel like I’m Sydney Bristow on assignment in an undercover op, minus the awesome clothes. I hide behind walls then slowly and carefully peer around the corner. There they are. Playing again. While they are distracted I dash across to the kitchen. Slowly and silently I open the fridge. I pan the shelves for something sweet: chocolate, biscuit, chocolate! As quiet as a mouse nicking chocolate I quickly break off a row. Slam goes the door. Like running on water, I dash back across their open door and breathe a sigh of relief as I reach the safety of my own room.

This is ‘quiet’ time in our house. The ‘quiet’ part is for me. The kids still march around the house playing Star Wars Polly Pockets or the like while I recline on my bed, laptop on, tapping away. For inspiration, sugar usually helps, which is why I transform myself into such an awesome undercover agent. I’m a complete hypocrite, though. If my darlings ask me in the middle of the day for some chocolate or old candy cane (they’re soft and delectable) I give a little laugh, a scoff and say a firm “no”. So that they don’t find out about my sugar addiction (and become just like me) I have to do the peer and dash thing, admittedly almost everyday.

I like the feeling of being a little bit naughty…don’t tell my kids! I’ve always wanted to be a secret agent. I remember hopping on the train to the gong from the city, hours of travel ahead, and watching all the people around me. I thought, “What if I was a secret agent… these people wouldn’t have a clue… suckers!” A few years ago ASIO, the Australian spy force, was advertising for people to join their ranks. Weird right? Well, I must admit, I was tempted. You never know, I could have said “yes” and maybe my cover is being a mum? A writer? Huh? Good cover hey?

If I stick to my ‘story’ my spying is limited, these days, to my little abode. The target of most of these operations is the fridge or cupboard. It’s not all about the sweets and the deception, I actually have good intentions. I’m not into being a bad role model, so to avoid this, I sneak. I’m really doing them a favour. Ah, yes, the heart of a spy is a pure one.