image by Mortefot

With all this nice weather going ’round, it gets me thinking about my perfect day. Throw out cost, waistline measurements and other restrictions and come with me on a dreaming journey to my perfect day.

Morning – 9am I wake to the smell of freshly brewed Campos coffee. The aroma draws me out of bed with a lightness, like I’m floating towards the kitchen nose-first. My eyes open to a beautiful scene. There’s my family, passing the cereal, using their utensils and manners and giggling non-stop. Suddenly I notice a tray of pastries: almond croissants, fruit flans, custard tarts, nenish tarts – all from my favourite bakery. I sit down to an applause, tearful hugs and funny jokes. Eating time!

Mid morning – the kids pack away the kitchen, wash up and get themselves dressed – teeth and all! I meander to the closet and look through a ginormous amount of awesome options. The hardest thing about this is deciding which incredible thing I’m going to wear. “Swimmers!” I declare and then walk out to my new and fabulous deck outside and go for a swim in my funky pool at the perfect temperature. It has a beautiful white canopy above that blocks out all the nasty rays which means no need for suncream! Delightful. The kids join me and we soon hop on our pool boats and have a race. More laughing.

image by Nehrams2020

Post pool fun – Then we all get dressed, their dad takes them to a fun park place and hands me a golden credit card, no platinum (whatever is better) and says, “go shopping and buy whatever you like”. Delightful! I ring up my bestie and off we go to the dream mall. I get a parking spot right near the door and spend the next two hours finding endless amounts of bargains, clothes, toys for the kids and a present for the hubby. We stop for lunch and order heaps of fresh king prawns with a glass of white wine. We drag ourselves back to the car, part ways and I head back home.

Afternoon time – I arrive home to see my house sparkling. The kids have their smiles plastered on their faces, still. They have been baking with daddy. They have decided to have a high tea with my closest friends. All the food is prepared and the garden is set out with quaint tables with multi-leveled cake holders filled with delectables. I get dressed up in my favourite beautiful dress and greet my friends as they arrive. For some reason, they’ve brought presents for me. It’s not my birthday but OK, sure (I love presents!). Everyone is buzzing, having a great time.

Evening – The air outside is still warm. My closest friends hang around for an early afternoon bbq with their kids. Back we splash into the pool as a massive game of ‘marco polo’ gets underway. The sun sets, the lanterns and fairy lights in the trees are lit and we drip back into the house and get dressed. Prawns and lobster and crab and fun food are on the menu for dinner. We sit around outside and drink in the balmy night. We sip white wine (and beer for those who want it!) and natter about life and deep stuff that really matters.

Night time – The kids are so tired they crash on the floor of our spacious lounge room while us ‘adults’ stay up to the wee hours singing silly songs and nattering. There’s much laughter and everyone feels comfortable in their own skin. Eventually my pals scoop up their sleeping, slobbering kids and return to their own homes. I watch a couple of episodes of fun tv on dvd and then retire myself. My head hits the pillow and off I go to dreamland, a little disappointed as my dreams never match up to reality.

What would be your perfect day?

image by ReubenInStt