It is rare for me to have the time to look at faces in a cafe. Today I did just that! Usually, I’d be trying to make bonding conversation with my kiddies or breaking up hot chips for them to cool. But today, while hubby was on the phone, I took the opportunity to stare at strangers.

I live in a trendy kinda place. A town full of ‘yummy mummies’, film professionals, millionaires and tradies. It’s such an interesting mix of people. Today at the cafe, I saw the wealthy, trendy mummies sans kids, sitting, laughing loudly with their funky little wicker hats on and their UV welcoming sunnies over their eyes. They sat in the sun on a hot day, laughing and tanning as if they did this every day! I felt a little dowdy and sensible with my polaroid, sun repellent sunnies and target brand clothing. I just don’t know how to do the yummy mummy thing. I’m a simple kinda gal, I am very comfortable in a singlet and mid-length skirt combo rather than the floaty oversized shirt, tights and designer shoes outfits that hang on the Y.Ms.

I wonder if these Yummies are born to it or if they learn it slowly over time from other Y.Ms. I must say a lot of my mummy friends are like me… Phew! We wear the Kmart style footwear and simple clothing with the knowledge that any moment a pair of sticky hands will be thrust our way! We understand that clothes don’t last forever so why pay $50 for a t-shirt when it’s only going to be stretched and stained by those tiny fingers covered with sugar or vegemite.

Today’s cafe face number 2 was the freelance, striped shirt, boat shoed, wealthy man. This type of patron usually sits on his own, coffee steaming while he reads the paper with a deeply interested and serious look on his face. He is often happy to be on his own in a cafe. This important man has important business to attend to: keeping up with financial markets, housing markets and boating conditions. He doesn’t do the eye contact thing very well. His conversation with cafe staff is limited as he marks his territory with his relative silence. This leaves everyone wondering whether he is a famous director, multi-millionaire or internet genius.

The final stereotype represented at the cafe this morning was the sporting mums. They wear loose to tight fitting gym clothes, red faces and, most commonly, a smile. They travel in groups of 5 or more, over-talking each other as the adrenaline from the morning’s workout takes over. They are a friendly group, happy to make small talk with the waitress. Conversation topics may include Jimmy’s latest test scores or Yolanda’s cheating husband. It’s a fast-paced conversation usually finished with a swift, “Is that the time, must get going before pick-up!”

It is lovely to feel a part of such a dynamic community. This is a place where the la-de-da’s mix fairly happily with the common man. Everyone just seems happy to live here and there is always someone to connect with, usually at the local cafe.