image by Shizhao

Oh Cadbury, you’re the only chocolate for me (unless Nestle is on sale!)
You bring me comfort and sweetness unlike any other I know (except for Milky Bar – that’s GOOD white chocolate)
Your rainbow of choices makes me smile (except when you no longer made the coconut block what were you thinking?)
Oh Cadbury, Caaaadbury, Cadbury be mine tonight! (Only after a super healthy dinner!)

I think of you on that shelf, all alone… all alone
I know you want me to pick up the phone… the phone
And call my husband, feeling weak and beg himself for me to pick … up a block of…
Cadbury, Cadury, Ca-d-bu-reeeee

Though my teeth may complain and my ulcers ache,
I will have you for my own…
You pull me up when I am down,
Turning upside-down my frown
You couldn’t ask for a better friend
And you and I will be together to the very end (oooo sounds like a poem I wrote in year 7, so dramatic, emotional, speaking of endless love and devotion… and now back to the poem/ode shenanigan)

(Get ready for the conclusion, it’s going to be a cracker!)
For the only chocolate on my menu is (BA-BA) Cadbury! (The one made in Australia of course)
And my only wish is that you were in every dish (BA-BA) I eat!
But then those teeth would scream and the pesky ulcers deem
Your unhealthiness!

But we both know the truth
That the man-made tooth
Is just a phone call away
So, my dear Cadbury… Stay!

Image by Petr Kratochvil