I like to be one step behind technology. I still have my little Sony Ericsson phone, not an iphone, though I do own (ish) and ipod. There’s no camera, no speaker system on my little pod and I’m ok with that.

With tv’s hubby and I have proudly display our old school, chunky tv while others jumped at the chance to buy an LCD, Plasma, 3D versions. We felt content with our number until a friend of ours gave us a new LCD tv! And, to be honest, we’ve never looked back. They rocketh.

Technology is all well and good but sometimes it doesn’t work. Like the other day when my phone had a hissy fit and lost all my beautiful settings. My phone went from being a charming mummy phone filled with photos of my little ones to an animated purple phone with weird noises coming out of it when I get a message! That was the day technology failed. And I’m sure you have your own stories of such let-downs.

When it comes to computers, I am a Mac girl. Does that make me cutting edge or old fashioned. I like to think I’m the former and those funny plaid wearing PC users are the oldies. But I’m not sure. Where do I fit, technology-wise?

My car is also technologically challenged. Sure it has power windows and AN airbag but we have resisted going down the DVD player and screen movie system in car and the ipod still plugs into a TAPE DECK (yes, they’re still around).

I like pretty and practical. So if technology could give me 100% guarantee that it’s going to work every time and it looked pretty (like you Mac, sweet, sweet mac with smooth lines and white, classy colour), then I would be an up to the minute type of gal. But for now, I will stand tall in the world of backwardness, be content with what I have and wait for you techno freaks to be done with the latest and greatest. Then I will jump on the bandwagon (probably at half the price mind you) while you seek the next big thing!