Image by Dodo

Yesterday I bought a hair dye, thinking it would be a piece of cake! Wrong! I forgot that I cannot see the back of my head, I am naturally messy and I have never used the comb thingy that comes with this particular brand of hair dye (needless to say there were stains on skin, say no more). I felt like I failed womanhood 101. And then I find out that today is the International Woman’s Day.

So what is it all about? Is it simply about femininity, make up, pretty pink things, flowers and paper dolls? Or perhaps in the modern world we are the Zena Warrior Princesses with our tough but beautiful appearance, matching it with the boys every step of the way!?! Arggghh this world can be a confusing place.

I am not the typical girly girl. Fashion is not my passion but merely a curiosity. I like to look presentable but don’t have the finances or smarts to match it with the fashion savvy ladies around me. I thrive on casual stuff and living near the beach that’s easy to get away with: shorts, skirts and singlet tops and jeans!

I am sporty but not addicted, I love romantic comedies but am not overly floral in all my ways. I like nail polish but hate when it chips off the very same day you put it on! (tips please!!!). I love having fun, presentable hair, but am not inclined to spend too much on it. I love cooking, baking but then I like eating it… I love to shock but have developed an ‘ick’ reaction to really gross things such as girls burping like boys (you know who I’m talking about) and the topic of ‘vomit’.

Music and dancing push my buttons, though I’m too gangly to do it right. I am not dainty. My big feet pound the floorboards at home, so everyone knows when mum is around. I wear high heels like they’re made of bricks, going up and down stairs is simply embarrassing.

I love to talk and listen and gab about anything and everything, though small talk bores me after a while. Hollow compliments are welcomed like a slap in the face with a week old cod. Give me messy but honest conversation any day.

Shopping is a must but without money, it’s no fun! Waxing is an exciting proposition, but actually booking it in and hanging around in those incense-drenced places is not on the top of my ‘to-do’ list. And the first time you go (in a long time) you have to pretend it doesn’t hurt and like you do this ALL the time, even though you know that they know that you don’t! Awkward!!

How to define womanhood? You can’t! I think it is the sum of all our differences, experiences, desires and achievements that makes up  the International woman. She is a strong, sensitive, beautiful being, down-to-earth, loving and tender. She has big hips and giant boobs to feed all of mankind. She is passionate and determined and a little fragile.

Any tips on how to be a woman in this crazy day and age?