Once you know, it’s hard to forget. Which is why so many of us simply don’t want to know. We cannot bear the thought of children dying of preventable diseases, yet it happens whether we know or not.

I have never been to Africa. I am a little scared to go because I know if I did, I would be changed forever. The closest I’ve come to seeing true poverty was in Egypt and Hong Kong. But I know that’s nothing baby. Once you are truly exposed to human suffering there’s a part of you that screams out for justice. That is, if you have a heart and a beat.

I was watching a music video clip with my young daughter yesterday about telling the world about the forgotten (see below). Tears steamed down my face and I sobbed. It’s at these moments that the reality of suffering in our world hits you in the heart and it beats. The sadness of injustice and a huge feeling of helplessness engulfed me. What could I do? What do I have to offer the world? I am no healer or teacher. I have words but who would listen?

I live in an area overflowing with money. It’s quite ridiculous. We have a friend coming here who runs an abandoned babies home in Zimbabwe and I just want to squeeze my locals, catch the extra millions they have lying around and pour it into this Zimbabwe program. I want babies placed in loving homes and children educated and loved and well. I want justice for that land. I want the world not to forget them. I want my world not to forget them.

Apathy is born out of deliberate blindness. I have been comfortable in my ignorance. My heart would burst with grief if I really knew what happened in those places. But we must know. We must be brave and open our eyes to the evil and injustices that are infused in our world. This is OUR world. Not just our street, our town, country but we are a part of the community of the world. And so we are all responsible to use our talents, time and money to bring justice and open the eyes of those around us. Not with judgement and preaching but quite simply, truth!

Check out the Zimbabwe Project I was telling you about. It is incredible.