Image by Barry Goyette

I LOVE watching the ‘awesome’ at work. It is such a delight to see someone who can dance impeccably, someone who can sing with depth and sweetness and others who can jump large sticks with another large stick and land effortlessly onto an oversized bean bag.

Give me sports and arts any day. I have been watching and reviewing all the Best Picture Winners from 1927 to today and it has been such an education (see Last night I watched An American in Paris starring the oh so talented Mr Gene Kelly. He is incredible. He sings, he acts, he dances, his eyes twinkle… so charismatic. Gene (may I call him Gene?) was a perfectionist. He expected everyone to live up to his standards and it’s simply a pleasure to watch. I don’t know about you but my toes start twitching whenever I see him dance. I want to be up there tapping away with him… dreamy.

Another passion of mine (from a strictly couch potato point of view) are winter sports. There’s nothing more exciting than watching crazy human beings hurtle themselves down ice in metal. Or those who pop on skis then do somersaults in the air like they’re cleaning their nails. Downhill skiing is another ‘wow’ moment for me on that couch. I salivate at the thought of all that adrenaline. It’s explosive and daring and downright dangerous. I just admire the guts and determination of those winter olympians. Anyone can swim in a pool or run down a track in summer but not everyone can ski jump or ice dance or luge!

Another section of deliciousness is writing and film/tv. I love those mediums. I love the power they wield, the ability to move someone to do something positive or to make someone laugh and feel. Baz Luhrmann is one of my fav directors. I laughed through elephant medley in Moulin Rouge because it was so familiar and so unexpected. Creativity is scrummy and I love to be surprised because, face it, there’s not too many filmmakers out there who can knock our socks off anymore.

In my writing my only aspiration is to be a sock knocker offerer. To entertain, to inspire, to inform in an interesting way, that is what I want my writing to look like. And to my inspirations, to the dancers, the athletes and filmies, you are truly outrageous, truly, truly, truly outrageous! And I thank you…