Image by Jim Grandy

Yep, that’s right Westerners we have all gone soft with our umbrellas and raincoats, gumboots and air conditioning. There’s even power windows so that our poor little arms don’t have to do any work. C’mon!

Remember the old days when there were no dvd players in cars and kids had to imagine things? I spent 10 hours in the car (with limited toilet stops) staring out the window, looking up at the powerlines and thinking…I’M BORED…or imagine if… Thoughts streamed through my childlike mind as my bum became numb with travel in a shock absorber-less mobile. How things have changed. (And no I’m not 86).

Rain… there was a time when we sang in the rain (they even made a delightful movie about it). We walked through the rain, we played sport in the rain, and shoes had holes in them so we felt the full impact of… the rain! Now, we have no contact with rain at all. There are covered driveways and massive umbrellas and everyone seems scared of a little water… and there’s no more dancing… in the rain!

In the past stinky people stank! There was no deodorant or mints. It was just a fact. Perhaps it encouraged them to shower a bit more? Now, if you haven’t showered for days, nobody knows! There’s no obvious accountability. What’s with that?

One of the worst cushy products of the modern age is the cheese slice. Now, you can buy cheese slices the size of a cracker!!!!! Who can’t cut cheese? There’s even cheese slicers out there that will cut the cheese the right thickness and size for you! What is wrong with this world? You’ve also got yoghurt and juice in handy bendy packs so you can squeeze it easier into your big gob!

Then there’s dishwashers (I love you!), washing machines, cars, electric bikes, leaf blowers, fast food (gross but yum), treadmills, stationary exercise bikes, 29 minute gyms, iphone 3 & 4s, dvd recorders, tivo, spray on shoes (or was that only in Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs?), the internet (sorry lovely, I had to add you, you know I love you!), spray tan, botox, skin firming lotion (just grow old won’t you?!), nannies, before AND after school care, rent-a-hubby, kit homes, disposable razors, disposable nappies (where would I be without you?), toy packaging that takes 1/2 an hour to undo (who cares if it looks good?), home delivery, ebay (the death of the garage sale), plane travel (the death of train travel), email (the death of the letter) and so so so much more.

When it’s hot we complain and then turn on our air conditioners, sapping the power grid and then we complain about power outages. When it’s cold we long for the hot and put on our air conditioners and heaters non-stop. When it rains we cover up and forget that rain feeds the grass and the trees that grows the food we love so very much. When there’s no rain we complain about the sun that grows the grass and the trees that grows the food we love so very much.

Cushy, cushy generation. Oh how half of me longs for the simple times when people had time to wash their clothes by hand in the community washing place, making community building conversation. And the other half thinks that’s completely crazy.