There’s something soulful about music isn’t there? Even if you’re tone deaf and musically ignorant, it is universally understood that music is special. It can heal the sick, soothe the crying bubbas and relax muscles.

Nothing else can do what music does. Combine it with lyrics and you have some free or cheap therapy. When a songwriter has experienced something similar to you it feels like they are reading your mind, your life and that they truly understand. You are no longer alone. Music, therefore, is company, can be a friend, a confidant. So comforting.

In film and theatre, music can make or break the story. Half the fear factor in thrillers is the creepy music. You know something is going to happen cos the music is building, it’s low and slow and… da DA! Frightening. Similarly you know everything will be alright when the music starts sounding Disney-like; operatic and filled with bells.

Songs reflect lives and stages in lives. We have a mix on our ipod of songs our kids have loved from when they were very little: ‘If I had Words’, ‘MLK’, ‘Blame it on the Boogie’, ‘Utopia’, ‘Rhythm Nation’, ‘One Little Coyote’ and more… Ah the memories. Then there’s the mix from our world trip seven years ago including: the soundtrack from Amelie (France), ‘Dreaming my Dreams’ (Ireland), ‘Hand in my Pocket’ (Vancouver), ‘Little Less Conversation’ (Vegas!). Whenever we hear a song from Ben Folds we remember driving through Spain, the dry rocky hilltops playing host to strange medieval towns.

Music is crucial at weddings, funerals, 21sts, Bar Mitzvahs and cafes. We live and breathe music especially in a culture that fears silence. We have access to song in film, radio, tv (jingles and such), cds, ipods, iphones, mp3 players. Ditties get stuck in our head so we really cannot escape it! Hooray.

It’s amazing how babies respond to music. My kids have both been beside themselves and the only thing that helped was quiet, soothing music. Other times we have had so much fun dancing around our living room, bopping to Michael or Janet Jackson, Abba or The Wiggles. I love the fact my kids love all kinds of music. It is so special to me.

Music is in everyone. Why is it so important? I wonder about people in comas or others whose minds have gone if music is still familiar to them. Perhaps it is the last thing to go because it is in their soul. Incredible.