Instant gratification! We have come to love the thing. Love or need? Not sure. The other night our power went out and since then my four year old has been hanging for another blackout.

Losing all electricity opened up a whole new world. We watched as the sun set and the fingernail moon came out. We read by candlelight just like in the olden days and we marvelled at fire, the pros and cons, the beauty. Washing up was tricky as was brushing the old teeth (one child held the torch as the other’s teeth were brushed and vice versa).

The next day when the power was on and all mod cons were working overtime, little gal said, “Oh, I wish we could have blackouts everyday! I loved it”. So did I! Our friend is over from Zimbabwe at the mo and he was saying they have blackouts all the time. For him this means popping over to the neighbour who has power to cook dinner, ah I can smell community! It may be a bother but it’s one you can get used to. I wonder if we all look gorgeous in candlelight for a reason? Perhaps it was meant to be.

But our society throws its hands up in a blackout and screams, “BUT MY FAVOURITE SHOW IS ON, I CAN’T ACCESS FACEBOOK AND WHAT IS THIS I’M EXPERIENCING… boredom!” We are a generation that needs to relearn what it is to be bored. To take a moment to look out our windows and watch the clouds move and form shapes. Remember doing that when you were a child? Just lying on a picnic rug, hands behind head, sunnies on, and pondering, what is ahead in life, what has past, what is that shape… a dragon? Piggy? Ah the simple things.

If our computers take a minute to start up we stamp our feet in frustration. I love technology just like anyone else but how much is too much. What happens when our computer, ipods, 10 tvs and lives crash? Where are our real relationships? Buried in years old text on some mouldy computer? Time is a ticking. Distractions are great when you need them but if you live in distract-o land your whole life you’ll be old before you know it and what will you have to show for it?

It is an effort to stop and be silent and walk in a garden, run through a rain shower or spend the time talking with a child. For that is what really matters!