You know the kind, botox, house with a view, friends in high places, bodies covered in other peoples’ names. They are the social climbers. Only friends with those in the know! They don’t mean to be exclusive, it’s just how they are… daaarling!

The social climber is the flip side of a salt. They live for new stuff, for beautiful possessions for exciting people moments. They care about what they look like, they fear old age… a wrinkle what is that? They tolerably smile at those below their league, the people who rent, or own apartments or small houses! What the? They are self-made people, except for the fact they have married ‘well’, were born ‘well’ and well, have a top notch job! The hair is always perfect and the clothes match! Ta da! There’s not a hint of Kmart about them, everything they buy is from a real shop at top retail dollar! A different kettle of fish altogether.

Martin Macintosh-Jones married Taylaeah Jahyene (Taylor Jane). This chick is the essence of high class Shark Bay and this is where we start our story.

Mid morning on a perfect Autumn day. Latte in hand Taylaeah J grabs her Judith Leiber snakes skin clutch and high heels it out of the door. Her life is rush, rush, rush! The kids were ‘coached’ to school at sparrow’s this morning while poor Mrs Mac-Jones slept. The nanny tip toed around while Taylaeah slept off last night’s wine tasting club! As always, post-WTC is always such a NIGHTMARE! In such spheres spitting wine out is frowned upon as it’s always about the full experience and getting a bit tipsy of course.

Coffee numero trois and a lie in is a good start (no one sleeps these days!) Off to the meeting. A mansion smack bang on Shark Bay yadda yadda yadda. As she slips into her silver Audi TT, Taylaeah sighs deeply. Life can be so dull. Another day, another mansion to make over. She’s done marriage, friendship, career and the kids. Is this it? Still too young to get involved in charity, that’s for the tweed wearing facelift gals. Not there yet, though she’s pushing 40.

Car starts and tilts up the ridiculously steep driveway. Off to the bay. TJ hates going into the bay itself. There’s always someone from school there. She’s much too busy to stop and chat like the other mothers. She has appointments and more important matters to attend. They simply do not understand. Sure, they’re friendly enough, but there’s no more room at the inn, her cards are full!

Arrival at the mansion. Greeted by client’s man. A charming fellow in a tolerable suit and new-styled hair… 1920s or a touch of the 40’s? It’s hard to tell these days. She enters, taking stock of all around. Such a mess. Where to start? The kitchen. Quaint turn of the 21st century structure. White, white, white, how dull. Time to get down to business. Meeting starts with a glass of champers. TJ remembers why she loves this job! But the emptiness of her former sigh is magnified by the stark, drabness of this house.

Post-meeting TJ carries her sorry old self to her exclusive cafe/beautician/plastic surgeon/ bar. This is where her hombres sit and discuss life, money and connections. Today Left Leonie is in. Called ‘left’ because of her endless list of husbands getting jack of her and leaving. She has a mouth like an open sewer and a heart of steel. Leonie was born rich and has no compassion for those below. TJ pretends to be entertained by this social leech but in the end concludes that she is just another heartless socialite with more money than Hosni Mubarak and not a friend in sight.