It’s ANZAC Day in Australia today but I don’t want to write about war. I don’t really know what to say to the old men in the back of those jeeps parading through the streets of our rain soaked city today.

I can pretend that I know what war is about cos I’ve watched the movies and seen reports on far away lands in conflict. I can admire the men and women now serving in uniform on the front line. I feel sorrow for families mourning their lost ones, gone so soon, before their time. I understand, to a point, the sacrifice that was given so that our country can be free of oppressive regimes. I am completely grateful. But I don’t want to write about war.

I don’t want to because, who am I to comment on things I know nothing about? I can criticise governments for sending our people into dangerous places but who really knows the truth? Who knows what is happening where and how it affects our country, let alone the rest of the world? I feel like we have a fingernail amount of information to go on and there’s the rest of the ‘hand’ (so to speak) that is hidden away from us.

I know I totally oppose evil regimes that kill their own people or allies who bomb the innocent but what do we know of numbers or events that is true? So that’s why I don’t want  to write about war. I don’t like it but it seems like a necessary evil does it not? I have no time for bullies and believe that you should fight back if you have no other choice, so is war like that? I am a simple kinda gal, a mum, a writer without a war degree or time served in the armed forces. It’s a matter of trusting those in charge to make the right decisions on behalf of us! Gulp.

So on ANZAC Day, I will not think about war or what is going on right now. Because I don’t know. Not sure I really want to but I will honour those who gave up their life so that I can live in freedom with my kids, go to the beach, the shops, church and not be persecuted as such. And for those lost in conflicts around the world throughout time, I will live my life well in gratitude to their sacrifice.