Image by Vera Kratochvil

Good morning day! The dark cloud descends for no obvious reason except to ruin all your plans. The eyebrows slump as the eyes are cast downwards. The heart feels like it has eaten a massive steak with creamy sauce, followed by a heavy Christmas pudding, blerk. Feet scrape, hands dangle and every bright face around you is simply irritating.

Welcome to a rut of a day, a dark place where every effort is put into de-rutting yourself. Hours tick by as you go about your routine trying as hard as you can not to offend the people around you with your pleasantless demeanour. They may assume that it is their fault, they have been the cause of this, but the first step to the de-rutting process is to express to your loved ones what is happening… that you just feel dark today! People lifted off the hook of responsibility and you are free to work out on your own how to get out of this heaviness, on your own because, really, no one can help.

Second step to towards the bright lights of home is time out. Oh I love this one: a walk or a moment on your own to reflect, to pray. Silence and exercise are great boosters for the soul. Now if getting out and about and thinking way too much doesn’t do it for you perhaps the distraction technique is the go. This means busying yourself about the house or watching your favourite movie or tv show (on dvd of course). I cannot recommend Gilmore Girls  highly enough. It is where I go when all else fails!

As the fog lifts, it is time to talk to someone you trust who understands who you are, where you’re coming from and can help you get perspective. I love these friends. They shine the light on the truth of who you are and the good aspects of your moody personality. Lighter and lighter you flutter, your feet start lifting off the ground. The day is turning around hip hip hooray!

The sun begins to set and a plan is devised to bring this grey old day to a positive end. It means a bit of TLC for you, some yummy food, a glass of wine (if you feel the need), a bath, a good book or film and a spot of Zumba wouldn’t go astray (shake off the blues of the day with a bit of fun/funny exercise).

Argh. I like to think that we all have these ridiculous days that simply don’t make sense. In the middle of it all, I can’t help thinking that tomorrow is another day, that the mood will lift and life will go on as sunny as it was before!