How far is too far and how much not enough? I’ve always had a healthy respect for rules and am quite literal when following them. However in the past umpteen years I’ve challenged myself to occasionally break them, just to live a little. Afterall, no one is perfect and the more you strive for perfection, the more you fail and the more you feel like a failure.

So today my 6 year old and I heard that a whale had been beached on our local beach. Well my heart raced, my palms sweated, I couldn’t wait to check out this momentous event. (Who has ever been able to see a whale up close?) So off we sensibly drove around the bends to the beach, literally hop, skipped and jumped to the rocks where the dead mammal lay and took a gander. There was a Ranger on hand to keep the crowds under control and a couple of barriers a few metres behind the animal. Well, my son and I were obedient and stayed behind the barriers as other onlookers meandered past with cameras at the ready.

‘Good’ little me standing sensibly behind the barrier had a momentary lapse of said goodness and decided to carefully step a metre in front of the barrier as my sensible little man perched behind. There were 2 others out before me and as I took my first photo, the ranger yelled to get behind to ME! Diggidy dodge. A growl formed deep in my soul. Why me? Good girl, rule keeper, breaks one tiny inconsequential barrier to get one darn goblet photo and the overly cautious ranger danger yells at me!? C’mon!

My son had said to me, minutes before, that you were really supposed to stay behind but with a wicked grin I decided otherwise, afterall, what was the harm? Rules, schmools. I am happy to respect the authorities and toe the line in most things but there is a kind of freedom that comes with deciding not to be perfect. To test the boundaries once in a while. Though the ranger man chose me to pull back into line, I’m glad I did it. Such a little thing really but it felt good. I find as I get older I care less about what people think of me and breaking tiny rules occasionally give me permission to be human and not try to be something I will never be… a perfect human being! So here’s to imperfection! Clink.