Image by José Goulão


That’s all you need to know. There’s not many of us who can fit the stereotype of beauty these days. And even if you look ok, who can afford ‘What’s Hot!’ every darn season and let’s be honest, who really wants to?

Sure, it’s fun to go out and find clothes that you feel confident in, but where do the fashionistas get off telling us what to wear? What happened to individual style? And beauty is NOT pain and stilettos are painful! It is quite wrong how much models are paid to create a fantasy that keeps us wanting and falling short, wanting and falling short. Our poor self esteems get a battering from this industry.

This starts from such a young age. I scanned a headline the other day that said a girl, a kid was getting botox because she was in a bloody beauty pageant! Whose idea was that? And who really cares if a 8 year old has wrinkles? It is so hard to protect your kids from this false idea of beauty. The clothes are getting more ‘adult’ as time goes by, there’s a huge designer label world out there for kids now! What the…? What happened to tracksuit pants and skivvies for kids? Leave the crop tops and bikinis for when they’re old enough to buy them for themselves!

My four year old girl would be beautiful in a sack of potatoes. That’s what we tell her. Already she is having arguments with her friends about who is more beautiful! Whoa, already. One day I realised that we spend so much of our time telling our kids how beautiful, handsome they look and not much about who they are inside. So I coined this little phrase to drum it into their brains. This is how it went the first time when I tried it on my son:

Me- “Where’s it most important to be beautful?”
Him – “In Melbourne!”

Not quite! Now they know the answer I’m after is “In your heart!”. Yes! They’re getting it, I hope.

I must also remember that it doesn’t matter if I’m a yummy or yucky mummy (ie looking good/bad/scruffy/presentable) but it matters what I do with what I have. Whether I buy my clothes from the op shop, cut my own hair or wear the same old things all the time, it matters what is going on inside. This is the place that nobody sees but that forms the foundation of my life.