I love stories. Whether it be films, books, chats… I just love hearing the ins and outs of life and learning from them. To let a story move you to tears is a difficult thing to do sometimes. It means letting go of our stubborn ‘western’ control and letting our soul free to roam and grow and be vulnerable.

Some people think it’s silly to cry at a television show. We joke about hormonal women crying over ads, but why not? Ads are designed to move the audiences. Emotions are good! If a story touches your soul, why not be free enough to respond any which way you darn well want to? What is wrong with tears? What is wrong with angst and anger if it is over something worthy, even if it is fictional.

Every person has a story. Even if you think you’re life has been boring, you have feelings and thoughts and events that have crafted who you are today! I love that. I love that everyone is different. We may seem totally out of control crazy to one person and yet to another, completely conservative. Isn’t that wild? We have our own DNA that proves beyond a doubt that we are unique. No one has walked in our shoes, seen through our eyes.

I love hearing stories of the little people. Sure we can gasp with awe at Princess Kate and wish we could marry a prince but at the end of the day, so what? It doesn’t mean that her life is any more important than yours. One of the reasons that the Middle East has gone into meltdown was the protest of one man, Mohammed Bouazizi who set himself on fire to protest injustices in Tunisia. His death shocked the nation which subsequently went into meltdown, sparking mass protests and change in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Algeria, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco and Oman. This man was a street vendor abused by officials, threatening his livelihood. One man. One extreme and devastating act bringing about incredible change.

Mohammed Bouzazi by Logan

Story is powerful. You can talk to people until their blue in the face about issues that stir your heart and their eyes may glaze over. But when you tell people stories, their eyes brighten, the ears are red with attentiveness and they are instantly hungry to know more.

Embrace your own story. You may not be a princess or a Mohammed Bouazizi but your story can change your world.

What’s your story?