First there was birth, then preschool, now hold on to your hats for the greatest challenge around… Primary School! Da… da…DAAAAAA! Yes that’s right parents, school is not just a new chapter, a new set of friends and teachers to get in the good books with but a new community for you to find your place in. Do you dare dig through the muck of years past and find your place? Have you perfected your winning smile and friendly “Hello”? Would you introduce yourself if no one else is interested in you as you sit solo on a silver chair, pretending to text!?

It’s a jungle out there. A new set of rules and expectations: P&C meetings, fetes, meetings, tests, volunteering and fundraising! People come from far and wide and not just mums these days, you’ve gotta know how to talk to the dads too! And the shocker is that you cannot choose who your kid will be friends with and whoever they choose, you will have to connect with the family whether you gel or not! I have been lucky so far in that department but many are not! It’s the first stumbling block on the road to an educated child.

Then there’s the teacher who is responsible for drumming words, numbers and ideas into your little one’s head. If they’re a great teacher (like mine yippee) you are set for the year. Relax, kick off those stomping shoes and have a cuppa. But if they don’t understand how your child ticks, or if they have a temper or are just over being a teacher, then you may be in for a tricky year.

For a first time school parent it is a strange feeling, even just walking into the playground. I have had so many conversations with mums about this very thing. They all feel like they’re back at school. Like they will walk into the playground before pick up and hope to all get out that someone is friendly, someone will say hello and they will not be left alone to stare up at the sky! Having a toddler by your side provides you with a bit of cover but sometimes these mummas are just not very friendly! And it can feel lonely. Why is this? And it’s not as if my friends have adopted the gothic look or come to school naked, they are awesome people. I simply do not understand it.

The thing I always tell these mums is what the other mums say, exactly the same as them. Perhaps there are snobby mums out there who just want to stick with their cliques! Fine. Not the kind of people I want to hang out with anyway. But I think that most times, people are simply insecure and afraid to start up a conversation or completely exhausted by the rush of being a mum!

And so it is left up to the individual to make eye contact, some glimmering conversation, to swallow some pride and to be courageous and take the first step!