Bandwagon time again folks! Have you seen the newest, the hottest image of our Princess Kate being compared to Cinderella? Classic. I especially love the ugly stepsisters reference. Poor P.B and P.E!

It got me thinking… how similar is our Princess Kate to the Disney versions? Here we gooooooo:

  1. Unlike Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Jasmin and Ariel… Kate has both parents still very much alive. (Why does Disney kill off one parent?)
  2. Kate wears pretty dresses and crowns… so do Disney Princesses … WOW!
  3. Kate is a commoner so were Cinders and Belle.
  4. Kate is smart so was Belle… not so sure about the other ‘dreamy’ and high-pitched speaking Princesses. I really don’t think Snow White would have made the cut!
  5. Unlike Belle, Jasmine, Snow White and Cinderella, Kate is not an only child. She shares the family limelight like Ariel… and you know how that went…
  6. Like any good royal story, there has to be drama. For Ariel it was her legs, for Belle it was the hideous monster man she had to fall in love with, then there was Cinderella and the magic clothing (one stroke of the clock and it’s gone!), for Snowy there was that dastardly piece of fruit, Jasmine had the overinflated Aladdin to ground, Pocahontas was in a long term relationship and there were massive cultural differences, Aurora was asleep (lazy bum) and Rapunzel couldn’t get down! And for our Kate it was an AWOL Prince, a plastic family-in-law and a ticking clock. A little tamer than the former ones…. hmmmmm?
  7. Like Jasmine, Kate grew up in the Middle East.
  8. Like Belle, Kate has been hounded by the public (perhaps not with pitchforks and fiery sticks but pretty close)
  9. Her love story was sealed in Africa like Nala and Simba (who just can’t wait to be king…)
  10. And in the end, every Princess has been featured in a movie (or the like)… including Kate!
So it is safe to say that Kate is a true Princess in both the ‘real’ world and the Disney sphere. It’s not for the faint hearted. Afterall, every Princess story has a villain. Who will Kate’s be?