1. You’ll go lots of places but you will have to wait, fail and then be a celebrity… or not!
  2. There is a new month called ‘Octember’ where all your dreams will come true: pickles will grow on trees, you’ll get to visit the Garden of Eden and money will fall from the sky (why do you tease me doctor?).
  3. Thinking leads to balloon pools suspended over buildings, thoughts of a postman crossing the ice everyday and ultimately things that rhyme with right and left (Beft? C’mon doctor!)
  4. Then there was that waskally cat… in the hat. The lesson? You can make a mess, even a chaotic, impossible mess but you always have to clean it up with an alphabet of tiny weird men-like creatures. (There’s a life lesson for you!)
  5. Alliteration is cool! Rhyming is better! “Fox in socks, socks on Knox and Knox in box” Say no more!
  6. You can actually read with your eyes shut! No more wakeful study, people. Just pop the book on your face and go to sleep!
  7. ‘Mulberry Street’ is the place to be! It has: a horse and wagon, make that a zebra and a chariot, no make that a reindeer and a sled, wait a minute, perhaps it would be an elephant and a giraffe pulling a trailer full of musicians, which, in turn is pulling a strange old man in a house… on wheels! Yep, you can only see it on Mulberry Street! (Note: the good doctor never leaves addresses or GPS coordinates to such incredible places!)
  8. An important lesson to learn from Dr Seuss is that there happens to be a wocket in my pocket… It freaked me out until he also told me there was a Jertain in the curtain and eventually, (leaving the freakiest til last) a TELLAR and a NELLAR and a GELLAR and a DELLAR and a BELLAR and a WELLAR and a ZELLAR in my cellar!
  9. Being rude is ok. After all if you’re fed up with Marvin K. Mooney, you just demand that he goes NOW!
  10. You should always try new food, especially in a house and with a mouse, or in the rain or on a train or here or there or anywhere!
  11. The cat always comes back and uses mother’s dress to clean up the mess!
  12. Never assume the fly is telling the truth or has the perspective to tell it right! There will always be another animal coming along with a different perspective on events.
  13. You cannot get rid of mice with cats, nor cats with dogs, nor dogs with lions, nor lions with elephants but you can get rid of elephants with mice, so do yourself a favour and learn to live with them!
  14. Mr Brown has perfected the ‘moo’ and if you’re not careful he may rub it in your face, along with all his other skills: dripping like a tap, slurping like a large cat drinking, sizzling like eggs and whispering like a butterfly’s wings. He was the original Michael Winslow, so if you’re off to meet him, brush up on your sounds, damn you!
  15. Fathers do not know everything (or anything), like riding a bike or camping and beware because there are scary trees with bears and stairs and suits of armour in them…you just may need a torch, a length or rope and a stick to survive it!
What’s your favourite Dr Seuss story? What is the weirdest Dr Seuss?