A good spot for a vege patch?

I am not a gardener! I hate ticks, large spiders and dirty fingernails but what I hate more is bad fruit and veges which seems to be running rampant at the moment. Even at the so-called up-market stores, the produce simply sucks!

So, I have gone to extreme lengths (for me) to plan and plot a vegetable/ fruit garden in my large backyard! I have zippo money, so this one is going to be interesting. First I pottered around my house to find something that would keep the dreaded bandicoots from stealing my prized food! Done! Some builder’s planks will do nicely for the time being (though I know, eventually they will rot!).

Next on the list is planning what to plant. We have definite staples in our house so selecting the right produce was not a stretch and here they are:

  • Winter planting: carrots, garlic, rocket, strawberry plants, tomatoes, snow peas, basil, coriander, mint, perhaps ginger and lemongrass as well…
  • Later on: Cucumbers, mushrooms, capsicum, blueberries!
  • Much later on (when that cash is flowing in!) I would love miniature lemon tree, mini apple and pears and (if there’s such a thing) a mini mandarin tree!
Plus I would love to have it as a kind of community garden where my local unit dwelling friends could use it as well!
There’s the dream, now onto reality. The preparation of the soil (I’m told) is crucial to the quality and longevity of the plants. Our soil is filled with clay but we have a great compost heap, so I will work that in with some shop bought soil!
The next probo is finding the right spot for it! Not being an avid gardener this will simply be a very good guess. I sit in my garden and take mental notes of where the sun is and where goes over 12 hours or so. It is a sloped garden so drainage shouldn’t be a problem.
Animals, animals everywhere! Yep, the dreaded possums, birds, snails and aforementioned bandicoots will, no doubt, be eyeing off our very healthy organic food. So I have taken a few hints from my mother-in-law’s garden and will use some super-duper netting with plastic bags tied to them. As for the snails and bugs, I will get my kids to pick them off and crush them under their feet mmmwwhaaahaaahooo… or, yes, use some natural-like chemicals…
I love when I have a project. It keeps my mind off the fact that I should be working. But working the garden surely will reap its own rewards. I picture the kids and I meandering up the garden, picking beans, strawberries and peas, shelling them in our rocking chairs on the front verandah.
Oh, how we’ll laugh and bond and tell stories of the old days when we bought our produce at Coles New World. Yes, we’ll snigger at their efforts to sell us mouldy old lettuces and grainy tomatoes. The kids will recall how they hated their vegetables but now eat them raw off the vines. They will remember the days when they knew nothing of dirt and plants and real apples.
And as the sun sets over another organic day, we’ll feel deeply satisfied in the pits of our stomachs and as a reward it will be off to Maccas!