There is a big hoo haa in Australia at the moment, a bit of a tug-o-war between the federal government and the big tobacco giants. These so-called big wigs are nothing but Golliaths ready to fall! They seem to be running scared, or running a scare campaign against the Government’s desire to make cigarette packaging plain.

The simple fact is that cigarettes kill people. It is proven to put poison into the body. The lungs go fut, the heart refuses to pump and you die a slow agonising death, unable to breathe. I saw, first hand, how this affected two people, my grandparents. My gran developed Alzheimers and finally past away and my pop’s body was decimated by the stuff.

Cigarettes also kill non-smokers. So I dare to say that smoking is a selfish habit. Especially where kids are concerned. They do not choose to suck in poison, but if they’re around people, so-called responsible people, who do, then they have no choice. Why not inject them with acid while you’re at it?

I think it’s a bit rich of the tobacco companies to cry foul over all this hoo and haa! Really, the product should be banned and it’s a disgrace that it is not! I guess that’s where it is headed and the big wigs are running scared cos they know their days are numbered.

Besides the dangerous elements of smoking, it also stinks, it yellows your teeth and gives your permanent bad breath. I reckon it’s not too good for the hair or skin and it doesn’t make you look cool, just stinky and full of yuck!

And now for something a bit calmer… Cigarettes are addictive that’s for sure and I feel for those who have fallen into this tar pit (love the pun) and Governments need to force these companies to help these people kick the habit.

It is simply laughable that, instead of helping people, tobacco companies are whinging, reflecting a deep desire to keep these poor people addicted to something that will ultimately kill them.

It’s nuts!

(Was this aimed at children?)