'Truth' by Olin Warner

Some say truth is subjective. That your truth is yours and mine is mine. I heard of a story once of a woman who was at a supermarket check out with her small son. He was throwing lollies and the like off the shelf and the shop assistant went tell him not to. The mother saw what was going to happen and chimed in with,” Oh, please, don’t tell him what to do, we’re practicing free-range parenting.” A moment later a man, who was standing behind the woman poured a whole carton of milk over her head. He said, “Sorry, I was raised by free-range parents”.

You see the whole subjective truth thing doesn’t really work. There must be rules, there has to be right and wrong or else chaos will rule the world. Kids are great at knowing the rules and eagerly pointing out when someone is breaking them. My son constantly lets me know when I’m doing something I shouldn’t, especially at school. However, there’s a fine line between being an upstanding member of the community, upholding the rules and just being a dibber dobber.

And you have to know when it’s ok to stand up for the truth and how to do that with tact. It’s knowing what is important and what is not. There’s some things you just have to let go and we can’t all be policemen busting the bad guys. Sometimes people just have to be left to dig their own ‘graves’. Consequences baby! Eventually life will catch up with them. They may end up being lonely because of poor behaviour or unhappy because of selfishness. You just need to know when to give a hoot.

Justice is important to me. I can’t stand bullies. To the point where if I see a plant being overtaken by a ravenous weed, I have to fight for the poor thing and rip the bully off its neck! Bit silly really, but it illustrates my point! Likewise, I will almost literally kick the butt of a child who picks on my kids! Political correction and law suit be damned! No one bullies my kids!

Passion is a great thing, especially in situations of injustice but one must be careful not to overdo it! Once again, balance is my best friend, every time! Thinking before acting has had to be moulded over time. It doesn’t come naturally. Survival instincts with a touch of protectiveness is more the go with me! So I’ve learnt to pick my battles, be patient and let life teach people instead of the all-wise, all-knowing me doing it! Ha ha!

Yep. It’s easy to be arrogant and think you know everything. At the same time, permissiveness doesn’t help any one. That is why we have rules and guidelines to make sure everyone in this world gets a fair go. I just wish it worked better for the little people.