I have often wondered if I have the artist’s eye. I certainly have the artistic temperament: sensitive, deep thinking, passionate, easily moved. I love to think and see outside the box. Not sure if I would label myself ‘artistic’ but I like to think I am… a little… deep down in the dark recesses of my mind and heart.

If I am an artist, I am definitely a mainstream one (with a touch of quirk!) I cannot paint or draw that well but I can craft words and stories to make their own pictures, scenes, evoking feelings similar to tangible artwork. I love to dabble in photography, sculpture, woodworking and painting but have never really committed to one or the other so my work ends up looking very similar to my 6 year old’s.

Being a mainstream/quirky kinda girl,  I love those beach themed shops with the over-priced single sale shells, the Kombi placemats and those bead curtains. I always walk into such places with my mouth hanging open, saliva dripping from my ravenous mouth. Surfboard replicas, beach paintings, wooden signage would never be classed as art in the arty fart community. In fact they would probably cringe out loud with a loud and high-pitched “daaarlling!”. But to a simple and open minded artist like myself, they inspire me.

It’s kinda laughable how these shops try to sell beachy decorations for a ridiculous amount of money: drift wood tied onto old rope and canvases with extreme closeups of rocks and sand. These ‘artworks’ are something the everyday closet artist can make if they have the time and a little know-how.

So off to the beach I went with my little family in tow. We scrambled over the rocks, found a treasure trove of shells, rocks and sticks. I now have a pile of driftwood sitting on my front veranda ready to tie onto a piece of old rope! $60 if you please! Ta da. And I took some fantastic photos of some rocks and rockpools that I’m sure I could print out on a canvas and sell for a couple of hundred buckaroos. It’s not strictly art but I love the style and the feel it gives to our little beach shack.

Don’t leave all the artistic creations to the so-called ‘experts’ simply keep your eyes out for pieces of art in nature itself and save yourself all that money and enjoy the satisfaction that comes when you make it yourself!