1. How does a mother’s breast milk adjust to a baby’s dietary needs? How do boobs sense these things? It is a mystery. It’s not as if anything is transferring information… the mum’s body simply knows what to do! Incredible.
  2. How do dogs (and other animals) understand what a person is saying to them? Do they have emotions? I know a dog who gets upset when someone sits on her couch and when her owner leaves. The ears go down, the eyes look sad and she just sits staring at the door. We also had a cat who had abandonment issues so when we returned from 5 months overseas she didn’t want anything to do with us for about a week. It’s a mystery.
  3. How does a magician saw a buxom lady in half? He puts his hand around the box, through the cut and all. Amazing! And then the top magicians can make the Statue of Liberty disappear. I wanna know how!
  4. How big is the universe… really? And why are there lightyears? And are the other planets simply there for decoration? To keep us occupied once we’ve worked out most of the mysteries of Earth? Will we really move planets once we’ve wrecked this one and if so, will we commute to work on Earth? How much will the rates be on Mars?
  5. Paranormal activity… please explain. People claim to have seen ghosts… what’s the go here? Are they raving mad lunatics or druggos or have they seen the real deal? Are the ghosts evil or are they tricks the mind pulls?