If Australian’s weren’t scared enough of donating their organs, you should check out the brochure the Government has put together to inspire us! It’s downright freaky. There’s a line of people, probably waiting for their organs to be hacked out for the greater good, and one man looking straight into the camera with a ‘give it to me’ kinda look.

Not sure who put together this campaign but there must be research saying how people will react to such an image (see above). It’s not guilting people into donating, nor inspring them to be generous with what they have… it seems we are being frightenend into toeing the line. ‘Cos if you don’t volunteer those precious organs, Organ Man will get ya!

I am all for organ donation. What good will my heart be to me when I’m in the ground, after all? And I do not buy into the rumours that doctors will be happier to let you die if you are an organ donor. What rubbish. Australians, on average, have one of the lowest donation rates in the world, yet we have the best outcomes when transplants are performed. What gives?

Less than 60% of families give consent to donate organs, while 1700 people wait from 6 months to 4 years for an organ. Australia’s current donation rate is 13.8 donors per million people. I simply do not think that the Organ Man campaign is doing its job!

Any ideas people? Perhaps a funny campaign featuring zombies and rats with ears on the outside of their bodies. Make the people laugh, break some ice! Or how about asking Baz Luhrman to direct an ad that no one understands but the ‘hero’ ends up on the operating table with a smile on his/her face expressing the joy of giving? Or maybe using cute puppies and kittens then cutting to a person suffering from lung disease! There must be a better way!!!!

Yep! Life will end, people and the body you are presently in will decay in the ground. Why not make the process quicker and give away a few organs before it’s too late? It’s not like the worms need more food but one person can help up to 50 whole people. Think about that! Aye!? Then grab the freaky brochure next time you’re in Medicare and sign the darn thing. Then tell your fam! Easy as pie.

For more information go to http://www.donatelife.gov.au