Image by Elaine Chan & Priscilla Chan

Facebook, the new frontier. It seems like every second person is now obsessed with the thing. Even the humble granny now knows how to log in and upload photos.

Millions of people log on every day to see what their long lost pals, work collegues or annoying relatives are up to and the best bit is that you don’t have to be on a phone for 5 hours with the chatty ones. It’s all over in a matter of minutes. And if it’s not, then you can be surfing the net, reading something totally unrelated while having a ‘chat’ on the ‘book’. Relationships have never been easier.

However there are some rules that every Facebook user should know. For example, if someone puts up that they’ve had a crappy day, their dog has died and they have gastro do not press ‘like’. It is not applicable in this situation and leaves the ‘friend’ a little puzzled. You may find them coming back with a “please explain!” Rather, use the keyboard (it has letters on it!) and writes something sensitive and supportive!

My second rule of ‘face’ is not to give too much information. It is oh so easy in the comfort of your own computer room to think that everyone wants to know your bowel movements. We don’t. Shock value is good for a laugh but not everyday and not that much info so keep it light, funny and appropriate!

Third Facebook rule is to be interesting. Once again, people do not want to know how many steps it took from car to house and back again. We want to know important things about your day or give us something to laugh at! Fun, fun, fun.

4th rule is to use Facebook as a place to fish for compliments! If you’re having a bad day or you need some company, this is an easy place to ask for it! You can think out how you’d like to phrase it then simply type it in. You don’t have to put on a sad, croaky voice or anything, just simply say what you think and let the love flow through!

Rule number 5 is to be nice to each other. It’s easy to get on your high horse about the latest bone of contention but these are your FRIENDS and you don’t want to lose them over an opinion so err on the side of nice if you can!

Facebook is a great place if you use it appropriately. Otherwise it can be a miserable mess of misunderstandings and broken relationships! So to make a happy Facebook environment choose to be nice, supportive and most importantly a lot of FUN!