The pit is dug! The trees have moved and ‘Operation Vege Patch’ is off off and away. The position has been chosen and re-chosen and we’re looking like an old fashioned type garden once more.

It all began with the moving of some very slow growing bamboo palms. I think they were happy for a change of scenery if you ask me. They happily popped out of the ground (thanks also to some recent rain) and toddled over to the opposite fence. Snuggling into the damp ground, they shook hands with each other and wished themselves well. First step completed.

But we weren’t going to rest on our laurels. Not us (opposite to green) thumbers! Out came the shovels, the digging contraptions and out with the grass. After the pit was dug ( I watched most of it as my lovely hubby worked tirelessly away) we had a moment. Surveying the spot, we decided not to go with a raised garden but to go old school and grab a chunk of chicken wire, some stakes to keep out the undesirables.

Off to the nursery. You must take yourself to ‘New Leaf Nursery’ in Elanora Heights. Not only is it owned by the landscaping world’s answer to Steve Irwin (go Yacko) but it has chickens, bunnies, roosters, and (back in the day) a peacock. The newest and kid loving funnest part is the little zoo they have put together where the munchkins can go and have happy cuddles with bunnies, guinea pigs and chickens. Too fun!

Meanwhile the adults get to potter around at all the grand plants and such while the kids are locked away with the animals! Awesome. So, Yacko stocked us up with a million bags of chicken /rabbit poo, some free stakes and chicken wire (he’s too good to us!)  and we left with a boot full of lovely stinky stuff as well as seeds and small plants – seedlings I think they’re called.

Then to home where, once again, hubby displayed his manliness and set to cutting spikes on the stakes and hammering the chick wire in place. Ta da! Sunset.

Then we had a million litres of rain fall which made me happy we hadn’t planted anything yet! I could just imagine those seeds screaming ‘Weeeeeeeeee’ as they flowed out of the vege patch and into the neighbour’s mound of clay! Ba bow!

Today the sun is shining but alas and yay I’ve had to stay inside doing some writery type work. The vege patch beckons, however. It sweetly calls my name and I answer, “In a minute, can’t you see I’m working!!”

Stay tuned for the planting, weeding and sowing stages. It’s non-stop fun and excitement here at the suburban farm!