Image by Jaguar

There’s a moment in time, a rare second, when all is right with the world. It is in these times that all people in all areas of your house, your sphere are truly happy.

We had this moment last night. A golden time of slow motion laughter, twinkling eyes and sighs of  contentment. A pure light shining from the clouds kinda time. It went like this:

6 year old son had complained of a sore hip all weekend. He’d played soccer on it, won the game and player of the match and scored a goal –  a mummy boasting moment. Then on the Sunday he couldn’t actually walk. So we carried and hobbled him around like an invalid, poor fella. He was very good through this time and was eating well with no temperature so the fear of infection disintegrated. Sigh. So a bit of a worry but not too much. Me (mother), hubby (father) and sister doted on the little rascal, fetching him snacks and ruffling his Luke Skywalker hair in a friendly manner.

He was happy throughout but needed a little more TLC as dinner approached. The kids were bathed, warmed, dressed and ready for some mighty fine leftovers dinner, a typical Sunday dinner thing. And so the golden moment approached.

I, as the TV guru in the house, realised that season 2 of our beloved Community was about to come on the television around dinner o’clock. It was then that the greatest idea of all time dawned upon my brain! So I chucked the two kids in the son’s bed with massive cushions and my laptop. How to Train Your Dragon was slipped into the disk drive (do they still call it a disk drive?) and they were off into movie land.

A semi-healthy / non-spillable dinner was served upon their laps and their eyes started to twinkle. Meanwhile, the growns switched on the television in the lounge room and ate dinner while watching their fav adults only television show LIVE on TV! Wowa.

Then it dawned on me… the golden moment. Kids, happily tucked up under doona with massive pillows chowing down on dinner and us adults happily sitting watching an inappropriate show. No parental guilt here my friends. Nup. Everyone was swweeeetttt.

It really was an infinitely win-win-win situation. And it’s not one that will save the world or make any huge difference to anyone else but it’s just nice, as a mum, to be able to bring joy to your household, even for just a moment.