Branch number 1

Disaster. Wind like the backside of a baked beans factory worker. Torrential rain. Yep our well-endowed garden has been thrashed around, poor dear.

None has fared worse than our newest addition, the traditional vege patch. First, branch number one crashed down, squashing our free chicken wire. Not to worry. None of the stakes were harmed. But it was a bloody big branch. And me in my super duper self-confidence thought that I could move it on my own. I couldn’t even lift the thing. Humbled once again by the gigantic nature of … nature. We stood in awe of this massive branch with perfect timing and positioning but this was nothing.

On and on the wind blew. Harder and harder like it was trying to prove a point. Yeah, we get it, you’re one cool, powerful force. Move on, brother. But move on it didn’t. No. With a mind of its own, those winds rose with a ‘ha-ha’ in its whistle. Determined to wreck my vege patch and break my spirit, the wind continued.

Day past and another branch caaaraacckkked on the ground. Suffer wind, you missed. It landed further down the backyard.

Branch Number 2

I raised my fists in victory but there was one more trick up wind’s sleeve. The mega-branch. This one was serious and equally as stubborn as wind. Yep the big bugger of a branch held on with all its might as wind blew it backwards and forwards. Holding on by the skin of its splinters branch defied it.

Hovering precariously over the vege patch, I knew that branch was on my side. One massive blow and the branch would crush what was left of the patch. We joined forces, me with my raised fists and branch with its splinters and we called a professional. Even he was impressed with branch’s tenacity and size. No match for you wind. We win.

Mega branch

Today, my beloved branch was cut down, gently, with love and much thanks. He save the patch and opened up a corridor of sunshine for my future veges to bask in. I will never forget that branch. That brave tree arm that gave up its right to fall for the sake of a little backyard vege patch and a hopeful lady. I hope he will enjoy the warmth of the fire or the sun (depending on whether he becomes firewood or wood chips). Wherever his is I wish him well.

The best thing was that the vege patch only had a few things planted. The poor lebanese cucumbers got a little bruised, but I shoved the plant back in with a little bit of love and hope and we’ll see if they bear any cucs. The rocket planted by seed was probably spared certain death by the fact it was underground. I just hope my green thumb makes an appearance so we actually get some decent veges out of this whole thing.

Yep, it’s been a ride and an education. Stay tuned for the next phase of Operation Vege Patch. Who knows, the bandicoots may make it through the tattered chicken wire or we might actually get some movement on the vege front! Don’t miss it.