So sorry to my regular blog readers but today there’s no blog entry. No one letter, word or anecdote. You will not hear from me today. Nope, I’m as busy as a bee on harvest day and I don’t have time to update. Not today.

Perhaps tomorrow I will take the time to put pen to mouth as I think of a new topic, event, idea that will keep you coming back. Then, I can check those juicy stats and know for real that I’m using my time wisely.

It will then spur me on to more blog entries about the funny things kids say or my favourite recipes all tied in with a good spoonful of social justice. There may be an update on my beloved vege patch, with the poking of green shoots coming through the brown, brown dirt. But not today, I don’t have time.

Ooooh can you stand the wait? As you google around like it’s nobody’s business. Looking, digging, searching for a funny, fun or interesting block of information to fill your lovely head with? You may be dreaming about the next big thing on the ‘net’ or whether facebook will survive another 10 years, but you won’t get it from me, not today. I’m much too busy.

So please feel free to come back to Worddancing tomorrow, where you are bound to find something to get you thinking. And forgive me for not being available for you today because… I gotta go!