Cold makes a cold. How funny is the English language? Oranges are orange – which is very confusing for small children. But how clever it is that cold and cold come from the same conditions.

I have a cold. It’s not a simple wussy sneeze sore throat kinda thing, nor is it the full blown flu. So when you’ve got your feet up, staying in bed all day, the guilts slip in there and have a go at you! “Too much to do woman! Kids, activities, cooking blah blah blah.” But all you can muster is rolling over and hoping that the snot will catch up with your new position.

And sleeping at night is another effort. When one’s nose is completely blocked it is always a good idea to breathe through one’s mouth otherwise you have the drowning effect which is not fun. Nor should you assume that you’re feeling better until you actually get out of bed. Then the snot comes back, shoves itself down your nasal passages and proves your wishful thinking wrong. The nose tilts forward, taking the head with it, leaving the brain back where it started so everything feels like its stretching.

Your head is at war with your face, your brain at war with your head. The body doesn’t know what it’s doing, it’s just happy to be still, for a while. The throat is still making up its mind as to how it’s feeling. The indecisive monkey! First it’s sore, then better, then, after a few hours mouth breathing, it’s dry and it needs a drink. Really, throat, with my head, brain and nose having a go can’t you just be quiet and make up your mind?

Then that guilt. That darstardly sneaky little devil raises its head and with a slow growl messes with your brain. It goes something like this: “But you’re a mother! You must look after the little ones even when you can’t. What will the other mothers think? They don’t have the help you have.”

I’m happy to say that I quickly squashed out the guilt monster with a good wallop of sensible thinking. Afterall, I thought if I don’t kick this cold NOW then it could go on for weeks and what good would I be to anyone?

Then I decided when I would be feeling better, chomped down some Vitamin C and got up and started to move again. All that to say that I am now upright, breathing through my nostrils (thank you Vicks or cheaper equivalent) and the cold is on its way to my chest and out the door.

It’s winter. It’s cold, so you get a cold. It’s not surprising but still frustrating. So when you get a cold, don’t let guilt ruin your rest, embrace it, make the most of it because normal life is just around the corner.