Two words: Bear Grylls. That man tugs at my heart strings and not in an emotional, awwwww, but an “eeeeek, man what are you thinking” way !

The man is crazy, yet somehow comforting in his strength, knowledge and action-man-ed-ness. By gum, though, he makes my heart beat like I’m doing a 10K run (and I’m not!). Perhaps this could be the new Zumba. Forget even getting out of your chair, just sit down, chow down on some choccy and watch an episode of Man Vs Wild. And when all is said and done, when the beacon of light calls him back to civilization, and you let out that breath you’ve been holding onto, what are you left feeling? Exhilarated, inspired? Nope. For me I just feel a little grossed out and tired. But I love it!

I cannot watch the following:

  • Tightrope walking across 2 buildings (umbrella or no umbrella this is car-azzzy!)
  • Some one looking over the edge of a crumbling cliff (Bear I’m talking about you!)
  • Some one exploring caves as it get narrower and narrower and add water and I’ll faint (you again Bear)
  • Someone eating undigested fruit out of a bear’s poo (Bear)
  • Deep sea diving with whales (bit scared of the big lugs)
  • Sky diving
  • Bungee jumping
  • Kids in danger
  • Vomiting
  • OR Anne of Green Gables – The Continuing Story (if you’re going to make a film series about the books then stick to the books and the characters! Not happy…)
Life is tiring enough without having to watch someone cold, wet, messy, in danger to add to your own realities: soccer practice, swimming lessons, working, school interviews, fundraising, friendships and shopping for food. Exhausting!
There is something addictive about Man Vs Wild. You hope there won’t be an accident or a bear attack or starvation or lostness but… it is entertaining entertaining the possibilities. He’s so cool and calm and happy to go without sleep for the sake of saving the rest of us poor sods who wouldn’t survive a day in the kind of places he gets to. And I really don’t think I’ll remember all the tips he provides. Um what tree is poisonous? What frogs can I eat? How do I catch a boa constrictor?
I do marvel at the sharpness of his knife though. It  shreds, it peels, it attacks, it hacks, it squishes, it nicks… incredible. And the flint. The beautiful flint that brings warmth, comfort and eatable food. Yes. All us adventurers need a flint.
At the end of the day, Bear is Bear and I am me. I love watching Bear being Bear and not me! But I do hope that one day, when I’m out on the waters of South America, I happen to be the one that sees his waving arms and hear his desperate calls for help. And then, cape on back, I will fly in to rescue HIM! Oh well. I can only dream.