There once was a girl with a killer imagination. A little girl with the straightest of straight hair. In year 4, when her rotund teacher slept at his desk and the other children were watching ‘Behind The News’, this little girl would dream up new stories to add to her storybooks (with a spot of plagiarism I’m ashamed to say). Here are some of the fascinating (and funny) stories slash poems, I came up with when I was ten. Enjoy.

1. ‘I Felt Fear’

One Thursday night Kasey and her cousins were playing dares. Steven said, “Kasey I dare you to play with bossiest girl in the school tomorrow or go to scariest part of town and stay overnight.”
“I’ll stay at the scariest part of town and stay overnight.”
So that night Kasey walked the dark streets of town. She bumped into Rebecca. Rebecca asked Kasey if she would like to come with Kasey. Kasey said yes.
Suddenly a crackling and some voices were heard. Kasey huddled onto Rebecca.
“Stop that.” Snapped Rebecca
A great big green grassy monster came out and several more followed.
“Help!” screamed Rebecca
“Shhhh” whispered Kasey “They know what we’re saying.”
“Help” they both cried.
Kasey heard a voice. “It’s alright Kasey.”
It was her mum and she was only dreaming.

2. ‘The Bush Disaster’

One summer morning in the Australian bush Katherine Kookaburra was waking everyone up with her loud laugh as usual. In five minutes everyone was up having breakfast and going to work. Joey Kangaroo, Willie Wombat, Kasey Kookaburra, Debbie Dingo, Paul Possum, Maggie Magpie and Mrs Magpie were beginning to start school lessons when Emily Emu and her family exclaimed “We have to leave town because Eric the Evil Eagle is coming.”
They all left town and hid in the bush. Eric came flying down and landed. Soon several more came after him.
One year passed the rooms were filled with dust and cobwebs.
The animals cleaned it up and Eric came back they used their dusters to tickle him. They tickled him to death. They lived happily ever after.

3. ‘The Queen’
The Queen ate a bean
It was very very clean
She ordered the King
and she taught him how to sing.
He was soon an Opera singer
And began to get bigger,
The Queen put him outside,
He began to grow wide
Then he busted
He died and on the grave they put custard.

4. ‘The World is a lovely Place to Be’
From Sydney to Perth
From Mars to Earth,
the world is still a lovely place to be.
And so is the sea.
From England to Fiji
From France to a Kiwi
I never want to leave here,
So have another beer.


Ta da! That’s me at age 10. Death, beer, friends and (in the other poems) many many cream bun references and a few go’s at my teacher. Fun, fun, fun. What are some of your childhood stories? Do share.