There’s a song that kids sing at my daughter’s pre-school. It goes like this… “Rain, rain go away come on Julie’s washing day.” Julie is one of the teachers and all the kids think this song is so funny. Except one, my daughter. She thinks it is actually quite unkind to Julie and has since changed the way she sings the song. Now it goes like this “Rain, rain go away come on no one’s washing day.”

I’m not sure if it was my idea or hers. But she has taken it and run with it and I’m pretty happy about it. My daughty is a funny little lady, very strong and sure of herself with a big heart… I love how kids see things in black and white, especially when it comes to themselves. There are some things my little lass just cannot understand:

  1. Why she isn’t bigger than her older brother.
  2. Why I don’t believe her when she says she brought her toy to kindy when really he was in the car all the time which is why she couldn’t find it at kindy. “You don’t believe me!”
  3. Why she can’t hop out of the bath first every night.
  4. Why she can’t have the entire heater to herself.
  5. Why we don’t see her as calm when she’s screaming “I AM CALM!”
  6. Why she has to walk around the supermarket instead of riding in the baby seat.
  7. Why she has to drink milk and eat everything before she gets yummies.
  8. Why she has to go to kindy at all.
  9. Why we’re so horrible to her.
  10. Why she misbehaves. “I don’t understand why I am so naughty” my answer “You’re not, you’re just 4!”
Most of the time her heart of gold finds its way out of her chest, into her mouth and out the door. She’s a beautiful, funny bundle of loveliness with a touch of spice. Whenever anyone is sad she brings them a teddy or a drink to make them feel better. When I was sick she gave me some vitamin C. Oh… bless. She is a practical kid. Always fetching bandaids and bandages for our sores.
She is a planner. She’ll even plan her behaviour for the night: “Tonight I will lean over, sit properly on my chair and I won’t talk with food in my mouth.” Love it! She sets her toys out just the way she likes it and organises her brother until we think he’ll explode.
Most of the time I think she struggles with normal 4 year old selfishness and a deep desire to help others. I think she’s pure gold, entertaining and cuddly-lovely and I wouldn’t have her any other way.