Man it’s good to be better. Sickness rather sucks especially when you’re a mumma and you’ve got two smashing kids to look after. Then there’s the shopping and the cooking and the cleaning. Ah life is exciting on parenting street.

But it is the little things that I missed. Like having the energy to wash up the dishes! Nutso. Yep but feeling guilty on the lounge while hubby does everything isn’t too good either. Oh the joy of meandering down the aisles today, sent a swift smile to my face. The energy to sit and watch my kiddo swim without feeling like I was going to throw up was sheer luxury.

If all else fails, if we have our health then that is enough. If we have our kids healthy and relationships on a path to health too well, that’s just being spoilt. Ah fresh air and sunshine. Good times.

And then there was blogging. Last week I couldn’t even lift a finger to type. Now, you can’t stop me writing, reading, jumping up and down on my bed while thinking of a theme, an opinion. Oooo I just love it. So back I am and here we go. Thanks for reading and keep up the good clicking. More tomorrow. See ya!