My pork ribs! Yummmmmm

Food. Glorious. Food. The other night I had a dream that the 3 judges from Masterchef Australia came and made me dessert. I couldn’t believe that I was actually eating the type of food I had salivated over through the tv screen. Now I could actually taste what I was seeing. But, alas, it was not to be and I had to wake up and eat the same old cereal instead.

The whole celebrity chef thing is a little outrageous. Now if you can cook and if you look ok on tv you can be famous baby, yeah. I know we eat with our eyes first but television cooking, who would have thought? It all started for me when I was a kid. There was a funny bearded chef called Peter Russell Clarke who cooked who knows what but it was around dinner time and the one word that comes to mind when I think of him is ‘cheese’.

I love cheese; blue vein, camembert, haloumi, brie, tasty, fetta. I’m cheese mad. These days cooking shows are on the menu for me and my family mostly because they are rated G. The kids love watching Nigella or Jamie, Masterchef  or random cooking shows from around the world. They love the look of the food on the screen even though they won’t touch the awesome food I serve up each night.

I’m not sure what I’ve done to raise such fussy eaters. We’ve always tried to instil in our kids the importance of fruit, vegetables, water, dairy and meat. So they eat fairly well. The one thing I cannot understand is that I only have 2 kids right, but it seems that most nights there’s at least one who doesn’t like what’s in front of them.

My daughter doesn’t like rice, some chicken (especially when it is barbequed), peas, fish, baked beans, bananas, rissoles, soup,  lemon meringue pie, potatoes, home made chips, pies or sausage rolls. But she does like raw garlic in pesto with gnocchi, cherry tomatoes, sprinkle cheese (that’s parmesan or mozzarella), hard cheese, cherries, cheese on toast, mango and jelly.

My sonny jim dislikes some pasta, spaghetti, baked beans, peas, potatoes, chicken kebabs, tomatoes, cooked vegetables, soup or dried pear. On the other hand he will eat fresh salmon, caesar salad, pork ribs with spicy sauce, every fruit imaginable, rice, tacos/fajitas, fish and vegemite sandwiches nearly every day.

I miss tasty food. I’m really trying to inspire adventurous taste buds in my kids but perhaps they’re still too little. I’m looking forward to the day when satay is back on the menu. When salads are more than just carrot, cucumber and tomato. When my slow cooker makes food everybody can enjoy. I imagine serving up meal after meal and each time I do, I look around the table and all I can see are beaming, excited and grateful faces. And all at once, they squeal “Thank you mummy, this looks delicious!” Ah, a girl can dream can’t she?