Image by Duncan Kenneth Winter

  1. My daughter has confused freckles with nipples. So she thinks random people have nipples on their face.
  2. On the same subject, my son once pointed to his chest and said, “What are these, mum.” I replied, “Nipples”. He said “Oh like Nanny’s nipples. Um… uh huh!
  3. My son was running around in the house with no undies on, like all kids like to do. I said to him, “What would people say if they saw Daddy running around with no undies on.” The reply, “Wow, you’re a handsome Daddy!”
  4. One day my daughter was admiring my new haircut. She said, “Oh, Mum, you’ve had a haircut. You look just like Darth Vader.” She wasn’t joking.
  5. The same daughty calls Chewbacca from Star Wars, ‘Funny Monkey Jarmies’.
  6. I said to my son that I wasn’t going to be home for dinner. His response? “I’ll miss you as much as I can.”
  7. Daughter, expressing her opinion of the news, “I don’t like news. It’s ewwwwww. It’s so newsy.”
  8. We were having a deep existential conversation at the dinner table, as you do with two small children. And when there was a break in conversation, daughter said, “After this, do you want me to show you my belly?”
  9. When asked what God is saying when he puts a rainbow in the sky, my son, in a deep voice said, “Wow, that’s a nice rainbow.”
  10. From one of my kids, a moment to treasure, “Mum, I love you too much!” Awwwwww