I’ve spoken to so many mothers lately who are struggling to find appropriate work. It seems that if you have been out of the workforce for five years or more, no one wants to hire you.

I have a friend who has 15 years graphic design experience and is finding it almost impossible to find part time work. No one will hire her. This is ridiculous. It seems that our society is not set up to help out mums after they put so much time and work into the next generation. Instead, we’re expected to pop out a baby and go straight back to work.

When your babies are in school, stay at home mums have very limited opportunities. This seems counterintuitive. There is so much that us mummas learn when looking after small children. We have computers, we know what is happening in the world, with trends, new technology etc. We’re not locked in a dark room watching Oprah all day every day. What a myth!

We are  hard workers, often  juggling a million things at a time. We are expert time managers and can handle disasters with a flick of our wrists. We are not a useless part of society, but one of the most important. We may not look sophisticated and savvy but do not underestimate us. Looks, as they say, can be deceiving. A woman in tracksuit pants can work just as hard as a stiletto wearing corporate type!

Stay at home mums know how to hold 2 conversations at a time. How’s that for multitasking? We can chat to friends, strangers, other mothers while having words with our little ones. We are creative. Who else can think of meals that the whole family will like? Who else knows how to keep small children safe, warm, growing, learning? We can make playdough and gingerbread men and cubby houses when it’s raining outside.

We are fun, imaginative and efficient. We can do 5 loads of washing, clean the house, make the beds and deal with tantrums while on the phone to each other. Sure the phone may hang itself up now and again as it teeters on our shoulder, but that’s what ‘redial’ was made for!

Perhaps we don’t wear suits and are no longer that familiar with public transport. Maybe we are not 100% focussed on our careers because our hearts belong to our kiddies. But our country should be ok with that. If we are a nation that values life over money and success, surely we would make room for the mummies of Australia to ease back into work. It’s not just for the good of the mother, but for the kids and the family as a whole.

For real help, check out this blog.http://interviewiq.com.au/category/return-to-work-after-children

It has some great advice for mums coming back into the workforce. All the best to all the mums out there heading back to work. It can be scary but just remember who you are and the incredible things you have already achieved through your parenting. Good luck.