I just spent a glorious short weekend at the ‘family’ farm with one of my closest friends. There’s something special about this place. Every time I arrive I let out a giant sigh that leaves my body feeling like a wrinkly, deflated balloon… in a good way.

My mother in law bought this house several years ago and it oozes her. I call it an ‘Anne of Green Gables’ type of house. It is an A-frame house, two storeys and sits in the hip of a small hill. Inside, the house is full of memorabilia, mostly photographs of the family, the kids when they were babies and some of the older gen who are no longer with us.

There are also knickknacks from various trips around Australia, Europe and Hong Kong. There’s the little cow ornament, St
Moo-low that we brought her back from St Malo and the soft choir-boy teddy from the time they sang in Winchester Cathedral with their own choir. In the bathroom there is a curious mobile that has always dangled over their shower. It’s like a quirky tradition that no one ever questions.

If you look carefully you may spot some pink birds attached to the curtains or the scary man’s face in the wood panelling of their wardrobe. My little daughter refused to sleep in this room because she could see a scary face in it. It’s things like these that make childhood memories.

As you go up the stairs, you’ll see beautiful paintings of ancestors and landscapes. There are photos, drawings and paintings of important houses and places that have been special to the family. It’s like every piece has a story… a memory. When I sleep in one of the top rooms I look up at the complex and beautiful roof and remember when my kids were babies. They slept in a cot in our room. It was always dark when they woke in their fluffy green, red or white sleeping bag. Their cheeks were freezing so we bundled them into bed with us. Ah.

Or the time everyone was about for someone’s birthday. Or when the fire pit was built and we all had pancakes. Or the weekend every single child had an accident. Or the tree that my son has claimed as his own. There are memories in toys, dress ups and chairs. We all may grow older but somehow this house stays the same. It’s a comforting thing.

The view is incredible. The sky seems so big out there in the country. Down the bottom of the property is the parachute club that provides hours of entertainment with its sky divers and planes. There is something soulful and exciting about this place. Spiders and snakes and sky divers, trees, old gates and quirky cows who demand more bread.

This place oozes love and memories and family. It is a generous and welcoming place. You are guaranteed not to go home hungry, lonely or tense. The wind may blow, the rain may fall (or not) and the cold may whip but in this place, you are part of something sweet. I just love it!