It is hair o’clock people. That’s right, the rare time of year when my hair declares, “I’m bored” and rushes me, with sirens blaring to my hairdresser. I’m surprised she remembers my name. I do delay the old hair cut, not because I don’t like it, just it is easier and more cost effective to let the thing go.

I love looking through the ‘hair-do’ books. Aren’t they a hoot? Who in their right mind would have such outrageous cuts: dark grape with a zigzag cut or frizzy yellow hair stuck straight up with weird looking make up to boot. It’s like fashion. No one in their right mind would wear a catwalk high fashion outfit down the street to Woolies, would they?

Here’s a list, cos every blog needs a list, of the most interesting hairstyles in the world over time. Get ready to turn back time, and find a way…

  • The Bouffant. This was a fav of the housewives and society ladies of the 1960’s. Today it has morphed into something wilder and cooler but for the ladies it was a neat creation… not a hair out of place.

  • Hi-top fade – Oh how we loved this in the eighties. Think Public Enemy and Spike Lee films of the eighties. This was the height of cool for those trendy American hipsters.

Image by Paul Uzzo

  • The mighty Mullet. Seriously, who thought this ‘do’ was cool? There’s nothing cool about it. It does make me giggle. Check out this photo.

Image by Lifetouch

  • The perm. I am proud to say that I never had a perm. Probably because I was too young and too scared to undergo such a massive transformation ( I have dead straight hair). Ok be honest, who had a perm? And I hear they’re back… am I right?

Image by Louis Calvete

  • The dreaded rattail. This is never a good look people. It doesn’t look cute on kids, adults or puppy dogs.

  • The Tonsure – that is, the monk-do. I’m happy to report that the Tonsure has NOT made a comeback… yet. Watch this space.
Oh there are so many hairstyles to pick on. But I think I will stay with my sensible modernish hairstyle for now.
What is your fav hairstyle to hate?