Egypt is a fascinating land. There’s so much to explore and learn about ancient history. Love it. When we were there in ’03 we toured the pyramids, travelled down to Luxor and sailed the Nile on to Aswan.

We loved the people and their fascinating history. When visiting the Valley of the Kings, our tour guide claimed that archeologists have only found a fraction of what is hidden in this great land. He claimed that the Pyramids and Valley are nothing compared to what is yet to be found in the land between Cairo and Luxor.

But this part of Egypt is a dangerous place. It is no place for westerners. For some reason fundamentalist Egyptians guard this land with violence. Why? It tickles my curiosity nerve. What is out there to be found? Fascinating isn’t it? What could be more impressive that the great pyramids? Or in better shape than the temples at Luxor?

I did find one tour operator that visited some sites between Cairo and Luxor but there was nothing too special in the itinerary and they admitted that there are not many that take this trip. It makes you think, what is out there? Why is this region so heavily guarded? Could there be more Biblical remnants or more Islamic sites?

It is so fascinating to think that we only have a small portion of Egyptian history. This is a place that fascinates most of us. We love to glamourise Egypt but now, with political upheaval, what is going to happen to our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters? And will we ever have the full picture of what makes Egypt tick?