I am not Italian. My background is so varied I think I’ll just call myself plain old Australian. I have Greek, Irish, Portuguese, English, Jewish and Scandinavian. Not sure which bit is which but in the end I’ll proudly claim myself to be fully Aussie.

For some crazy reason I write 2 blogs. My other one is called OscarClub (oscarclub.wordpress.com). Basically it’s like a book club for lovers of film. I’ve been watching the films that won Best Picture from 1927. This week it was the incredible movie, The Godfather. As I was drawn into the crazy world of the Italian mobsters circa 1940s +, I had an epiphany. I’m sure they have got my heritage all wrong. For I feel completely Italian.

Not that I get out there with my machine gun, nor stick dead animals’ heads in beds but it was their lifestyle and temperament that I related to. In The Godfather there are 60 scenes that feature food. Many of them are a banquet including wine and home made, pure, organic goodness. Tick!

Image by Giulo Nepi

The women are ridiculously loyal. Can you imagine being married to Don Vito Corleone (the character Marlon Brando plays)? They live for their family, their kids and fun family time. Celebrations are done well with massive smiles and lots of music. It’s full of hoo and haa that I just love. I love the effort they go to celebrate. Fantastico.

They are an incredibly emotional lot. They can hold their feelings in but when pushed BAM! They go off like a stick of dynamite seen through the eyes of a magnifying glass. Yeah. When they are upset they show it in no uncertain terms – there’s lots of throwing things and then the nasty violence… that, I don’t relate to actually.

Nostalgia is another form of loyalty in this clan. They always have time for their homeland. They don’t change their ways just because they are in a foreign land. No. They hold on to it as much as they can.

This is not to say I’d be happy being a gangster. But as a good Italian citizen, I think I would fit in nicely. I love wine, mediterranean food, oceans, beauty, history and family. Yep. I am officially changing my background to Italian. Anyone want to join me?