Ah Australia. You little spring chicken. With the beaches, the food, the animals, the cruisy/awesome people, perfect climate, what could be better?

Then there’s London, an Aussie’s second home. Londres may be our bigger brother but, for me, the only thing it has going for it is position. And in the real estate game, that is almost everything. While we sit on our sunny island, reflecting on how lucky we are, our mates in merry ole England are off to Paris, Barcelona and Berlin for the weekend. Who is the lucky one now?

Australians rip off their native apron strings and flock to England for work, play and general experience. Once they arrive they seem to stay for years. When summer comes in Australia, I feel a little sad for my pals in England with the cold, the snow, the darkness, the dreary rain and the slippery roads. While I’m neck-deep in pristine, clear, sparkly water or chowing down on some freshly caught prawn dish, I do spend a wee second thinking of all those Aussies in England and whether they regret their move.

But you can’t argue with culture. Castles, churches and beaches of Europe (though nothing compares to Aussie beaches, I don’t care where you are!). I have never lived overseas. Just popped in for a quick hello, how you doing. And that was enough for me. Australia just spoils me. Though I could see myself living in Canada, Italy (of course) or Fiji, the rest of the world still needs to lift its game.

If you haven’t been to Australia, there is simply nothing like it in the world. We have incredible food, coffee, beaches, animals, people, entertainment, history, stories, fashion, art and landscapes. Our weather is spectacular (mostly) and we offer lifestyle without compromising on little luxuries.

Though we are a long way from the rest of the world, I think that is a bonus. There’s so much bad news and sometimes it’s nice to hide alone in our little corner of the earth.

Have you lived overseas? What was your experience like?